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What we do

McShea Peanuts is a Cinnamon Glazed Bavarian Nut Company. We specialize in roasted peanuts, pecans, cashews, walnuts, and almonds. Each type of nut is roasted in small batches, in a unique nut roasting pot.

Batches are roasted and immersed in an original, homemade cinnamon glaze. The nuts are stirred and roasted in the glaze simultaneously, and at the perfect time, the nuts dry and cool into the best tasting treat you've ever had! Don't believe us? Try for yourself!

How we started

     McShea Peanuts is owned and run by Aiden McShea. Aiden grew up in the small town of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. In 1932, Ephrata opened a garage and repair shop, that would later become a well-known farmers market. Every Friday, people from all over go to Ephrata to buy fresh produce, livestock, and whatever else vendors happen to be selling. A local by the name of Joe Banik saw the crowds drawn to the market, and knew he wanted a piece of the action.


     In 1995, he and his wife Tracey opened their own Peanut Company, and began selling Cinnamon Glazed Bavarian Peanuts. Crowds would come to the market, and the incredible smell of roasting peanuts would draw hundreds to their stand! They began selling at other markets and large events such as parades, tree farms and festivals.


     Aiden McShea began working for Banik Peanut Company,  and this is where he learned the recipe for the fine-tuned ratio and method to create the batch. Aiden then moved to Colorado, and still inspired by the wonderful tasting peanuts, and the smiles they brought, he decided to begin his own endeavor 1682 miles away from where it all began, to spread the incredibly wonderful taste of glazed and candied nuts!

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